It's that time again, kids!

This weekend is the next Support Stacie author auction! The auction runs Friday through Sunday. I've put myself on the block for two auctions this time, one for a Roswell CC story, and one for a UC story. As always, there are a ton of talented writers representing a multitude of fandoms. So come on by and join in the fun!

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friends list cut.

No hard feelings, I hope, but I just really needed to get my flist to a more manageable level.

And I know I haven't been the epitome of the perfect ljer lately, so as always, no hard feelings if anyone wants to defriend me as well.

Otherwise, happy weekend. :)

Calling All Fanfiction Writers

Do you write fic? Would you like to donate your talents to a wonderful cause? And have lots of fun in the process?

Support Stacie will be holding its fourth Author Auction the weekend of September 11-14, 2009. Any and all fandoms are welcome! Author sign-ups are open until September 4, and you can find the registration form as well as other information HERE.

I myself have participated in all three auctions to date, and they are truly a blast! I would encourage anyone who writes to please consider joining in this fantastic fundraiser. I promise you won't regret it. :D


Top 10 Roswell Episodes

Well, the Roswell friending meme was a rousing success, I'd say! I can already tell that I've met some superbly awesome people. So, welcome new Roswell friends! *waves* This calls for a Roswell-related post, yes?

So, I give you my top ten favorite episodes. I was going to do a sort of picspam for this, but I lack the talent and the patience to do a true picspam, lol. So nothing fancy here, but I hope you'll enjoy my list anyway. :)

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Roswell Friending Meme

Because I always seem to find the Roswell friending memes just a little too late, I decided to host one of my own!

ROSWELL Friending Meme!

Just copy and paste the form into a comment. Fill out your answers and then peruse the other comments and make new friends!

Oh, and PIMP PLEASE!! ♥